Why You Should Start Building a Team

Discover how independent real estate teams close far more transactions.

Who You Should Hire First


Learn who to hire first, including the ROI each team member brings.

What Tools You Need to Succeed


Find the right tools needed to run a top performing real estate team, from lead generation to the right CRM.

About Chime:

Chime is a powerful lead generation and CRM solution for real estate professionals. Our suite of tools enable you to launch marketing campaigns, track leads’ activities, build customer relationships, and seamlessly manage teams, across multiple devices. Chime was created in Palo Alto, CA by the friendly people at Chime Technologies, Inc.

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Learn how agents are starting their own teams with actionable plans outlined in our free ebook. You'll discover the pros and cons of different team leadership models, who you'll need to hire first, the expected ROI each team member brings, and what tools you need to run your top performing team.


Is it time to build a real estate team?

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“Most people who bring on an assistant in the first 12 months will grow their income by 50 to 100% ...once you have an assistant and have built the right systems in place, now you can build your dream team ..."

Travis Robertson

CEO, Robertson International Coaching

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