Infographic: Improve Your Lead Conversion with Stronger Follow-up Strategies


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Learn the Science Behind Effectively Engaging With Your Leads

The best lead conversion strategy is a perfect cocktail of using the right touch methods (calls, texts, and emails), understanding the right time to engage a lead, knowing how to set appointments, and knowing when and how long to nurture a lead to build trust. 

Download our infographic to learn how to craft your own high-octane lead conversion strategy based on industry-backed research.

“All brokers have access to the same information, and the biggest difference in brokers is the speed in which they get you that information.” 

Learn from Shon Kokoszka's proven message and communication tactics, a stronger understanding the different touches, how balance automated responses versus tailored messages, when to follow-up with a lead, when to move a lead into nurturing, and how to apply these strategies to online leads.

Shon Kokoszka, Founder of Icon Coaching

Chime is a powerful lead generation and CRM solution for real estate professionals. Our suite of tools enable you to launch marketing campaigns, track leads’ activities, build customer relationships, and seamlessly manage teams, across multiple devices.

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About Chime

Your phone is one of your strongest sales tools, but understanding how and when to call a lead is just as important as what to say.

Texting is becoming a salient tool for both marketers and sales professionals, yet texts need to be woven carefully into your follow-ups.

Email still reigns king in real estate, but emails are seldom used to their full potential.

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